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1000 Gallon Above Ground Propane Tank

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Buy your own 1000-gallon propane tank from Long Beach off-coast port and save! You’ll benefit from a better propane price per gallon when you own your own tank, plus propane is typically less expensive than gas.An above-ground propane tank is less expensive to install than an underground propane tank. If you don’t mind the look of the exposed propane tank, and local weather doesn’t preclude it, installing the propane tank above-ground saves money both on installation and on maintenance and repair costs. If you live in a flood zone, you might be required to install the propane tank above ground.

Other Info

1000 Gallon Above Ground Propane tank specifications Water Capacity: 1000 Gallons Outside Diameter: 41″ Head Type: Hemi Overall Length: 15′ 11″ Overall Height: 4′ 2 15/16″ Leg Width: 16 1/4″ Leg Spacing: 9′ 0″ Weight Empty: 1737 lbs.
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