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Buy 40ft High Cube Double Door Containers Online

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High cubes have almost 10 cubic meters of extra capacity in the 40ft shipping container. New 40ft Double Door High Cube Shipping Containers combine huge storage with easy access from either end. With so many possible applications, these containers are ideal as is or modified to partition to multiple spaces. 40FT High Cube Double Door New (One Trip) Shipping Container Double Door containers have two sets of doors on each end of the unit, effectively creating a tunnel when they are both opened. The main purpose of the extra set of doors is for easier access. https://longbeachsteelcorp.com/product/buy-40ft-high-cube-double-door-container/ Buy 40ft High Cube Double Door Container Made from durable corrosion-resistant Corten steel, this 40FT conex container is perfect for your home or business storage needs. Shipping containers are very secure, watertight, and portable, should you need to relocate. Our containers are manufactured to the highest standards with welded tie-down points included on both upper and lower rails, ten air vents to ensure good airflow, a lockbox for additional security, and a heavy-duty marine-grade plywood floor that safeguards your valuables, keeping them clean and dry.

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Product Description: Product Name:40HCDD ISO shipping container Place of Product: California USA Tare Weight:3700KGS Max Gross Weight:30480KGS Color:Customized Inner Capacity:76.0CBM Modes of packing:SOC(shipper own container) External Dimensions:12192×2438×2896mm Internal Dimensions:12032×2352×2698mm
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